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An entertaining tourist zone is being created in Bukhara

In Bukhara for several years, it is planned to conduct additional work on the development of tourism. Creation of exotic tourism and promotion of pilgrimage. The pilgrimage will be promoted by a huge advertising company that covers the mass media and foreign countries. A lot of interesting and entertaining projects are expected. Representatives of tourist TV channels and leading companies will be invited to the Bukhara festivals (“Silk and spices”, “Bukhara melons”, “Bukhara Day”).


Conditions will be created for conducting camel safaris, hiking in desert areas, developing fishing, visiting traditional folk games such as cock and ram’s fights.


In the center of Bukhara will be created a 24-hour center “BokiyBukhoro”, in the territory of which comfortable hotels with different class of service will be located. Shopping areas include shops of folk crafts and souvenirs. Entertainment facilities will be created – bowling clubs, karaoke bars, discos, cafes, restaurants of national cuisine and cuisine of the world.

The whole tourist area will work round the clock so that foreign tourists can fully enjoy the rest.

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