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Samarkand showed rare cultural artifacts from Uzbekistan museums …

A unique multimedia 3D-mapping presentation took place on Tuesday in the ancient Registan Square in Samarkand as part of the International Scientific and Cultural Congress that was completed.


The organizers of the congress were the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the representations of UNESCO and the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Uzbekistan.


“The spectators were presented with digitized 3D models of real historical artifacts stored in the museums of Uzbekistan museums, to which ordinary visitors or tourists simply can not get,” the organizing committee specified.


Among them is the world-famous Buddha monument of III-I centuries BC, found near Termez (in the south of Uzbekistan) in the late 60s of the last century, a gold bracelet with the heads of griffins from the famous collection, discovered in 1877 on the bank of the Amudarya river, sculpture of the head of the Prince of the Kushan Kingdom of I-III centuries AD.


“The three-dimensional video-show in retrospect showed the whole history of Uzbekistan, starting with the monument of the first writing of” Avesta “, the Great Silk Road, outstanding scientists, poets and rulers, modern achievements of the republic,” said the representative of the organizers.

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