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Shark (Tashkent-Bukhara-Tashkent)

In September, 2006 high-speed comfortable train «Shark» was enlarged by four modernized carriages of airbus type where there is one TV for each couple of passengers and all conditions are created for comfortable traveling. «Shark» is composed of four types of carriages: Luxe, the first and second class car.

First class

Second class

Nasaf (Tashkent-Karshi-Tashkent)

Since December 25, 2007 high-speed train «Nasaf» № 8/7 has started to run across the following route: Tashkent – Karshi – Tashkent. It runs six days a week. «Nasaf» consists of six carriages: Luxe, the first and the second class. Route timing: 5 hours 30 minutes.

First class

Second class

Afrosiab (Tashkent-Samarkand-Tashkent)

Since october 08, 2011 started to ply every day the high-speed train “Afrosiyob” (the Spanish company Talgo) number 161/162 Tashkent-Samarkand-Tashkent message . The train consists of 9 cars: 2 VIP classes, 2nd business class, 4th econom class and 1 car bistro.

Economy Class

VIP Class

Business Class

Restaurant Car